100% Self Serve Mobile Advertising Platform

Construct your personal advertising campaigns via user-friendly, self-service interface, which has been created and customized based on feedback from clients. Improve your campaigns in order to ultimately reach your targeted audience, create your own CPM bid, and customize your campaigns accordingly to reach the ultimate ad performance.

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Publisher Solutions

As a publisher, you have a great chance to start earning money right away via our CPA and CPM Adnetwork. Don't miss the opportunity to turn your mobile, web or mail traffic to real cash with assistance of global advertisement campaigns of ours.

check image, Advertising Platform  Monetize Your Website Traffic
check image, Advertising Platform  All Countries Are Accepted
check image, Deshmedia  No Minimum Traffic Requirements
check image, Deshmedia  We Pay Weekly via PayPal
check image, Deshmedia  Minimum Payout is Only $5
check image, Deshmedia  10% Residual Payments for Referrals

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Advertiser Solutions

We work closely with advertisers: from the beginning with monitoring, then strategy development and finally with the conversion processes, and the targeting of webpages and creative components. We use all available types traffic: mobile handphones, displays, social networks, e-mails, re-planning, etc. to reach this goal.

check image, Deshmedia  CPM, CPC, POP models
check image, Deshmedia  Statistics and Performance Optimization
check image, Deshmedia  Campaign Scheduling and Budgeting
check image, Deshmedia  Geo-Targeting and Frequency Capping
check image, Deshmedia  From $0.20 CPM, $0.05 CPC, $0.001 POP
check image, Deshmedia  Conversion Tracking and OS Device Target


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