Razor sharp advertising and creative media Ads at your fingertips.

Deshmedia is an experienced company with professionals specializing in achievement of goals and creation of overall marketing efficiency. Our major target is to deliver results when dealing with highly profitable investments, which can be applied to every function type. We utilize all traffic types: displays, mobile telephones, e-mails, social networks, re-planning etc. in order to achieve this goal.

Usage and Purchase of these channels is not the only target of ours; we also closely work with advertisers: from initial monitoring, followed by strategy development and, last but not least, the conversion processes, as well as webpages targeting and creative components. Moreover, Deshmedia also meets client's demands via campaigns management, branding (DCPM, CPM, CPC) based on campaign results (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPD) and also with selling of campaigns which are sales-oriented.

CPM Adnetwork

Creates access to millions of ideas every month and deals with 400 over advertisers as well as thousands of publishers. RTB technology is available for all model types.

CPA Network

Creates access to diversified companies across the globe, while creating millions of conversions every month. Reward for results: CPA, CPL etc.

Mobile Adnetwork

Creates access to millions of ideas on monthly basis and deals with 400 over advertisers as well as thousands of various publishers. Mobile formats/Orientation/RTB.

Permission Network

Provides an access to the most relevant market sections for clients, who use our large email marketing base, which now includes over 3,500,000 users.


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