Get to know about Cookies?
	Usually, when you visit a website you get the text files containing small amounts of
information which downloaded to your personal computer. These text files are called
cookies. Cookies are then sent back to the prior website on each visit, or to another
website that recognizes that cookie. When it comes to supplying a better website
experience for you user's cookies are necessary as they allow to recognize the device
you are using when surfing the website.
	Cookies possess a host of functions, such as efficacious navigation between the
pages, retaining users’ preferences and improving your user experience in general.
They also make sure that the ads you get are either relevant or interesting for you.
Being not able to identify an individual user, cookies recognize the computer or
mobile device you are using via a randomly generated identifying tag.

Learn how Dashmedia uses Cookies

	It is required to accept cookies to use fully and effectively Any of
your devices will have better and wider opportunities when accepting cookies.
For instance, uses Cookies in the following ways:

To get the information related to your preferences, what you liked about the site or
email and what you did not like.

To estimate the effectiveness of our advertising and the way visitors take advantage
of our site.

Take a look at the types of Cookie Deshmedia uses and our Cookie policy.

You are able to examine a comprehensive list of the Cookies used on
in the deshmedia Cookie list which gives more information on the Cookies we use
and why we use them.

The cookies used on Deshmedia are categorized according to the categories found
and belonging to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK Cookie guide
published in April 2012.

Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies

	These cookies allow the use of specifically required services.
	These Cookies are necessary when it comes to giving you the permission to move
around and use its featured materials. For example, you may access
secure areas of the website. Without these Cookies, services such as shopping baskets
or e-billing provided for your request may not be supplied.

Category 2: Performance Cookies

	These Cookies accumulate anonymous information on the visited pages.
	These Cookies collect information regarding the use of the website by visitors using For instance, it reveals which pages are the most popular among the
visitors, and in the same way, it announces error messages from the web pages. These
Cookies don’t gather information that identifies and can recognize a visitor. All the
data these Cookies collect is aggregated and therefore absolutely anonymous. It is
only used to improve the quality of work of Deshmedia.

Category 3: Functionality Cookies

	These Cookies have the ability to retain the choices you make to improve your
surfing the website experience.
	These Cookies allow to remember choices you make (such as your
user name, language) and supply complement details.
	Rigidly Necessary, Performance and Functionality Cookies
We need to use these three categories of Cookie to sustain’s
effectiveness, ease of use, and to provide you with a flawless, enjoyable experience.
As such we have not provided an opportunity for these to be disabled independently,
and by using our site and online services you are agreeing that we can place these
types of Cookies on your PC.

Category 4: Targeting/Advertising Cookies

	These Cookies use information about your browsing in order to make advertising
more relevant to you.
	These Cookies are used to deliver adverts more suitable to your preferences and
requirements. Besides, they are used to reduce and control the number of times you
see an advertisement as well as help estimate the effectiveness of our digital
advertising campaigns. They are installed by third party advertising networks on our
behalf and with Deshmedia’s permission. They remember you visiting and this is shared with other institutions such as media owners.
You can reject these cookies and continue using the site. To get more details
regarding these types of Cookies and opt out information go to the list available at

How to manage or opt out of Cookies

If you are willing to limit, block or delete Cookies from, you can use
your browser to do this. gives full details of how to deal with
Cookies on different sorts of the web browser.

You can find more information about Cookies at: and


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