Deshmedia is obliged to respect and protect your privacy. It is necessary to treat
seriously the security of customer information. This policy reveals how we process,
use and protect your privacy.

1. Use of Customer Information

	The details provided by you together with the information we learn about you
ourselves are supposed to be collected by Deshmedia. Each use of our service and
visits to our websites or the sites of third parties accessible from our website allow us
to get more information about you. Your participation in the promotions or
competitions is also helpful when it comes to gathering information. The feedback
you provide us with is equally essential.
	We need all this information to personalize and improve our service. It is important to
communicate with the customers, thus we need your personal details to contact you
when we have something to ask, offer or announce. We may also offer you the
products and services of the other carefully selected associated companies that in our
opinion may be interesting for you to get familiar with. For these purposes, we can
contact you by post, email, telephone or fax. Your confirmation emails may include
marketing material which we may feel will be of interest to you from other third
	We may use your data when dealing with accounting, billing and audit, credit or
other payment card verification and screening, immigration and customs control,
safety, security, health, administrative and constitutional purposes, statistical and
marketing analysis, systems testing, maintenance and development, customer
relations and customer surveys. All the personal information you supply us with is
helpful when we need to know your preferences that help us improve our service.
	When it comes to promotion and sharing information we need to cater for your needs
and requirements.
	In the same way, we appreciate and take into consideration your feedback, thus we
may need to contact you to ask for your opinion. It is not excluded that we may get in
touch with you for administrative or operational reasons.
	To administer, improve, support and develop our business we are supposed to
analyze collected information.
	The information that you provide us with will be held in our systems located on our
premises or on the premises of the appointed third parties. As a matter of fact, third
parties may be allowed to get access to your information. These are the parties
working with for the purposes claimed in this policy or for other purposes approved
by you. It is possible that your data will be processed outside of Europe.

2. Site tracking

	With the purpose of producing the design and arranging our site properly, we use
tracking software to watch and check site usage and customer traffic patterns. Thus,
we improve the site to meet the needs of visitors going to This
software does not give us any personally identifying information.

3. Requesting personal data

	You are privileged to ask a copy of information that Deshmedia possesses about you.
If you request a call recording, please, take into account that according to Deshmedia
policy the copies of customer calls ought to be deleted after 90 days. Note also that
Dashmedia is not the data holder for any CCTV footage that may be captured
We will make the efforts to commence processing your data request within ten (10)
working days. We will definitely contact you if we need some additional information
to start processing your data. In this case, you will be given thirty (30) days to deliver
this supplementary information to us. If within the term of thirty (30) days we have
not got it we will automatically archive your current data request and you may be
required to submit a new data request.
	If you have any questions regarding data protection, please contact us at

4. Security to protect your information and data retention

	Your details are transmitted across the internet securely using high-grade encryption
(128 bit).
	We strictly follow the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 the Swiss Law on
Data Protection where applicable. According to these acts, we are subject to rigid
security procedures regarding disclosure of information we have been given.
	Preventing unauthorized access is the matter of supreme importance for us. Our
security procedures imply requesting proof of identity before we are able to disclose
personal information to you.
	According to the principles established in this policy, we guarantee that all the
information passed to a third party will be equally considered important and
confidential. We ensure that the third party will act in accordance with stringent
security measure when processing your data. This does not apply where we are
required by law to pass your information to a third party.
	We will keep your personal data for a reasonable period or as long as the law

5. Cookies

	Small pieces of information stored your computer’s hard drive by your browser are
called cookies. Anytime you may delete cookies from the hard drive. The majority of
web browsers accept cookies but you may prevent this by changing your browser
settings. Even without having accepted cookies you may use most of the features on
the website. Our cookies do not include any personally identifying information.
	Cookies may also be used in some email messages that you agreed to receive. We use
it on our website as it helps us estimate the effectiveness and relevance of our
promotion and advertising. This allows us to examine the way the visitors use our
website. You may get the cookies set on your browser by clicking on a link in the email.
If you go to by clicking on a link, we are able to understand how you
interact with the pages of our website through the cookie and pixels combination set
on the pages of our website. This allows us to understand what information you found
interesting for you and what information in our email was relevant according to your
preferences and requirements. Taking into consideration what you like and dislike
about the site, we may send you more information in the future this appealing to you
the most. Please note that this information is for our use only – we do not disclose or
share this with any third parties. If you do not want this to happen, you can alter the
cookie settings in your browser.

6. Use of pixels

	We use pixels in the emails in order to better understand your perception of the
emails you get and your view on the context that we share with you. We also use
pixels to know whether you can receive emails only in text or either in HTML form.
	As a result, we are looking for the ways to provide our content in the most interesting

7. Your consent

	In terms of using Deshmedia website, you abide by consenting to the use of
information by Deshmedia according to the regulations featured above.
	If you have the questions regarding our Privacy Policy or its possible changes, please,
get in touch with us through our customer services department. If we take a decision
to implement any changes to our Privacy Policy we will announce it right on this
page, so that you could be aware of the information we gather and the way we deal
with it as well as the circumstances we disclose it.


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