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CPM Adnetwork

Our network is recognized around the world and contains direct publishers with multiples of websites as well as applications, which generate millions of ideas on monthly basis and deal with various needs of global companies.

The improvement technique of Deshmedia for real-time bidding (RTB) alongside with sound accessories as well as our rich experience in media purchase, help us to maximize of our publisher's traffic profitability, while reaching the highest possible eCPMs across the market.

The results CPM Adnetwork publisher usage will be verified and studied by professional specialists of Deshmedia on daily basis, and will be utilized to consecutively improve the campaigns in order to achieve the highest results.

CPA Network

CPA Network publisher represents our partnership network with main specialization in CPA, CPL, CPI and other types of campaigns. The money generated by traffic from advertisement of goods and services from multiples of various advertisers will result in multimillion conversions around the world.

Our skilled specialists will assist you in selection of the most appropriate method used in CPA Network Publisher.

You will also be granted with access to over 2000 functioning campaigns coming from more than 40 countries.


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