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users. The terms established by Deshmedia.com are to be read and accepted by those
who continue using our website.
	This website is promoted and operated by Deshmedia. The company is privileged to
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prior notice. Your continued use of our website demonstrates and confirms your
compliance with the new Terms of Service introduced by Deshmedia. It is necessary
to remember that any terms and conditions of any additional agreements with
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Privacy Policy of Deshmedia

	In case of having any question or concerns relating Privacy Policy of Deshmedia, do
not hesitate to visit Deshmedia.com to be able to get familiar with our policy. First of
all, the policy points out the main criteria of how we collect and use your data. Your
privacy is usually the matter of the utmost importance to Deshmedia.

Deshmedia Copyright Protection
	Deshmedia.com is taken under copyright protection. The majority of the items
belonging to our website are protected. These items are as follows: logo, graphics,
website design, any types of files and text as well as any other arrangements not
mentioned here. That implies that copying, republishing, reproducing, distribution,
downloading and posting of Deshmedia materials is forbidden. By no means are you
allowed to photocopy or record any information without preceding written
permission of Deshmedia. You can be only given official consent to examine and use
materials on this website for the noncommercial purposes or with the aim to locate
information, in case if you agree and promise to not copy, duplicate and distribute
any materials and change any of them. You cannot also delete or edit these
copyrighted materials.

Deshmedia Trademarks

	Being a registered trademark Deshmedia is consequently protected by trademark
laws. In the same way, trademark material cannot be used, imitated or copied by
anybody without prior written permission of Deshmedia. Button icons, scripts, page
headers, and customized graphics are the entities considered to be Deshmedia
trademarks, thus they are protected. Take into account that trademarks owned by
outside entities may be also displayed be Deshmedia. However, they are not usually
protected by Deshmedia as they are surely protected by their trademark owners. We
kindly request you to refrain from using any data gathering or extraction methods on
the sites of Deshmedia. Please, reduce the use of the site to personal, non-commercial
level. Take into consideration that reselling any aspect of Deshmedia is against the

Deshmedia Website Linking Terms

	You may get the permission to create a hyperlink to Deshmedia, although you are not
allowed to convey Deshmedia in false, misleading, insulting or either disrespectful
way. Only after having got provisory written approval from Deshmedia you are
eligible to use any of registered trademarks.
	The users following the links outside of Deshmedia stop being protected by us. In this
case, we are not in charge of the content that you may come across on joined
websites. You are supposed to take responsibility for the visits of other websites and
its links.

Deshmedia website usage

	Deshmedia is the website that prefers to trust their users. Thus, we kindly ask you to
treat us with respect and act in accordance with moral reasoning. So, now you abide
by accepting the rules set up in this policy. You are expected to never abuse
Deshmedia and our services. As well as you acknowledge not to hamper our website
users security or the security of the site. This security includes the safety of system
resources, users accounts, servers, and networks. Do not interfere with Deshmedia
users’ joy. You should always pursue Deshmedia limits of access to our sites.
Moreover, you agreed on following laws regarding the use of Deshmedia. These
regulations may include the regulations on the national, international, local or state
level. You are aware and accept our statement of not being responsible for the
business advertised on Deshmedia and of the service and goods quality they provide
the users with.
	Deshmedia is willing to protect your trademarked material or copyright in a case of
Copyright or Trademark dispute. It is necessary for us to obey to the conditions and
requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That is said, you can
draw our attention to any doubtful copyright/trademark infractions revealed on
Deshmedia. The information you need to provide our Copyright agent with is the
The person having the owner’s authorization has to put their signature.
Besides, include the registration number of your trademark and its proof.
Feature the exact content in question.
Indicate valid email address to receive the correspondence, as well as your telephone
number and current address.
Include the statement about the material that you think has been copyrighted.
Remember also that you need to have the authorization to make this kind of
complaint and prove the information submitted saying that it is accurate, not false.
Email copyright@deshmedia.com to contact a Deshmedia copyright agent.
Deshmedia Indemnification Agreement
Take into consideration that in a case of violating the Deshmedia Terms of Service or
another users’ rights you will need to indemnify Deshmedia if another party made a
claim, demand or complaint regarding the violation. Indemnification implies holding
Deshmedia blameless.

Your Submitted Material

	Whatever information is submitted to Deshmedia it becomes its property. We cannot
guarantee the ultimate confidentiality of the questions you pose, ideas you give,
drawing you share or any offered data you provided us with via email. This data may
be posted, shared or used for any other purposes by Deshmedia without payment of
notifications. You accept to forsake your rights to these materials.
Deshmedia Warranty Disclaimer
	Dashmedia users accept the fact that all the content and website itself are presented to
its users ‘AS IS’. All the data is usually available however you take responsibility for
using Deshmedia website. Deshmedia disclaims warranties of title and other
warranties implied. Bear in mind that it is risky to depend on the devices or
information spread by Deshmedia. Any access to other sites through our website is
done at your own risk. You and only you are in charge of any damages done to your
personal computer including data loss, viruses gained through content downloading
or usage and software setbacks. Deshmedia is not in charge of the products, services,
data, and materials suggested by other parties having an access through Deshmedia,
the only exception is if you have previously written the official document from
Deshmedia. The accuracy and reliability of the other websites are not our
responsibility. Either we cannot promise that the data on our website will always
cater for your needs that it will be convenient, at the right time, error-free and secure.
We do not give any guarantees that the defects will be corrected and disorders
improved. Thus, Deshmedia is not responsible for errors, system lags, loss of data or
file corruption as well as for interrupted services. If you live in the country where
these rules do not function, you may be discharged.

Deshmedia Limitations of Liability

	Deshmedia, its associated institutions or involved parties may be liable for any
damages resulting from the usage or the prevention of the use of Deshmedia
websites. They take responsibility for the consequences occurring as a result of
unwarranted access or adjustment applied to your data entries, or data that has been
transmitted or taken. This includes damages regarding any sort of loss. Particularly,
profit, loss of use, information use etc.
	Take into consideration that there are jurisdictions that prohibit limitation or
execution liability for incidental or consequential damages. That is to say that the
parts of such kind of limitation on liability would probably not apply.

Legal Obligations

	All the material regarding these Terms of Service is established and controlled in
accordance with the laws of the State of California, without resort to its disagreement
of law provisions. When taking legal action regarding these Terms of Service,
remember that you ought to file your complaint with the Superior Court of Los
Angeles County, California or the United States District Court for the Northern
District of California.

Deshmedia Termination Rules

	Deshmedia has the right to close your account or terminate your use of the
Deshmedia website. Deshmedia can do it anytime and without prior notice. It can be
necessary to prevent you from further access to Deshmedia. It will be legal if we
change or discontinue your website usage or services we supply you with, at our

Exceptions to Deshmedia Terms of Service

	If anything illegal or prohibited will be found in the following terms it will
necessarily stop being part of Deshmedia policy. However, the rest of the Terms of
Services remain in force and must be followed and held by all the users. Any
rejection related to the current conditions and rights won’t be considered unless it is
written in a document. Whoever is willing to waive a condition ought to personally
write and sign the document.


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